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Our concerns about climate change are much needed but what's even more critical is our intent in finding solutions. It's time we channelise our angst and ideas to fix what we fear.

Young change makers studying between grade 5th to 9th can form eco-teams and submit innovative ideas in the #iCan school challenge to help mitigate climate change problems.

Watch the video to know how you can champion the cause of mitigating climate change.

Are innovative ideas floating in your head?

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#iCan School Challenge

Are innovative ideas floating in your head?

Can you be a partner in fighting global warming?

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How can you I contribute in tackling with climate change?

Small is beautiful. Every little change that we bring in our lives matter. Here are some ideas that enable us to be a part of the solutions

Adani Ports

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1 Million +TreesPlanted

13 M n Tco2Emissions Avoided

650 MLWastewaterTreated & Reused

Adani Transmission

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2.4 Million + TreesPlanted

25,780 + MVA of transmission capacity

Adani Solar

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1.2 GWManufacturing capacity

31,500 Tons CO2Emissions avoided

293.8 tonsRecycledraw material

What is Adani Doing for the Environment?

Adani Power

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2 million + SaplingsPlanted

9 Lakh Tons Co2Emissions Avoided

35 MillionPoweringHomes

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Adani Renewables

2.4 Million+ TreesPlanted

14.64 Million Tons Co2Emissions Avoided

3,467 MW OperationalCapacity

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Adani Gas

World #2LNGOperator

8 lakh+ Co2Emissions Avoided

3.4 million ServedAnnually

Have a Breakthrough Idea?

Say #iCan and share your idea for a better, greener world with us. Together, we will transform it to solve our environmental challenges with long-term impact.

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